A test that detects covid antibodies with 98% sensitivity has been developed in Valencia


It exceeds the sensitivity of other tests on the market.

A super-sensitive test to detect coronavirus antibodies has been developed in Valencia

The Technological Institute of Plastics (Aimplas) has successfully completed the project to develop a new rapid antigen test that can determine with 98% efficiency the immunity of people to the coronavirus virus by detecting the generation of antibodies.

The test developed has been tested with patients and has shown a sensitivity of over 98% in the detection of antibodies in IgG/IgM positive patient samples, while the four commercial tests with which it has been compared showed a maximum IgG/IgM sensitivity in the range between 65% and 80%, according to Aimplas, which is part of the network of technological institutes promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana.

This sensitivity has been proven through the ‘Snibe Maglumi’ chemiluminescence assay, carried out with a representative group of randomised patients at different stages of immune response, such as the early, moderate and severe phases.

The use of this type of test, which is also effective for the British strain of the virus, makes it possible to detect the duration of immunity acquired by the generation of immunoglobulins during the disease and also the antibodies generated after vaccination against SARS-Cov-2, which will be particularly useful from the current phase of the pandemic to monitor the percentages of the population immunised.

The process developed at Aimplas has been scaled up and can be implemented at an industrial level to carry out mass production of the tests, according to the sources.

Thus, the technology centre has set itself the objective of transferring this new technology to companies and has stated that it has “the capacity” to provide support and advice on the implementation and optimisation of the tests in the production process.

This development has been achieved in the framework of the call to the Valencian innovation system launched at the end of March by the Valencian Ministry of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, in collaboration with the AVI (Valencian Innovation Agency), which resulted in the selection of a total of 41 projects to respond to health needs by the covid


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