Bayer will discontinue phase II development candidate eliapixant

The Bayer Cross, one of the best-known trademarks in the world, is given a good clean at Cologne-Bonn airport. Photo: Bayer AG

Review of development program led to reassessment of benefit-risk ratio in all four potential indications for the investigational P2X3 receptor antagonist

Bayer today announced the discontinuation of Phase II development candidate eliapixant (BAY 1817080), an investigational P2X3 receptor antagonist that was being evaluated for potential indications in endometriosis, refractory chronic cough, overactive bladder and diabetic neuropathic pain.

Following a review of available data, Bayer concluded that the overall benefit no longer outweighs the risk in these indications.

Eliapixant is an investigational agent and has not been approved for use in any country, for any indication.

Eliapixant was derived from Bayer’s strategic alliance with Evotec SE, a global drug discovery and development company. Bayer continues to collaborate with Evotec on other research and development programs.

Bayer remains fully committed to research and development of new treatment options for patients with high unmet medical needs.

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