Brainreader and Phenome Health Nearing Exclusive Relationship

Negotiations Continue as Million Person Trial design advances

Brainreader Inc. announced today that it is in advanced negotiations to utilize its Neuroreader® software as the sole source of volumetric brain analytics for Dr. Lee Hood’s Phenome Health, the parent organization of his landmark Beyond the HumanGenome Project, envisioned as a one-million-person trial spanning a ten-year period.

The unique dementia and brain health-oriented trial, which Phenome Health is hoping to launch in calendar 2023, will reset data, science and clinical practice around many aspects of dementia treatment and understanding worldwide.

Trial managers expect about 100,000 participants will be examined yearly. The scientific and cultural importance of this trial is supported by Dr. Hood’s and Dr. Nathan Price’s upcoming book – The Age of Scientific Wellness, from Harvard University Press on April 4, 2023.

Dr. Hood, co-founder of the Institute for Systems Biology and National Medal of Science recipient, remarked, “Neuroreader® has proved to be more detailed and efficient than alternative brain volumetric software reviewed, and we are happy to undertake the design of an agreement with Brainreader for this game changing trial.”

Brainreader CEO Mads Fiig commented, “We are very excited about the opportunity to work on this revolutionary trial with Dr. Hood and his forward-looking scientific team.”

Brainreader Inc. is the United States subsidiary of its eponymous Danish parent. Brainreader’s Neuroreader® is a ground-breaking, FDA cleared, and CE marked medical software that uses MRI scans to detect abnormal brain patterns in a fraction of the time needed for manual segmentation – the current “gold standard” of neurodegenerative disease detection.

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