CABIO Showcases the Latest Research Results and Innovative Solutions at Food Ingredients Europe 2022

CABIO's brand new booth

On December 6, 2022, CABIO Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd (CABIO), a leading Chinese biotechnology company, took part in the three-day Food Ingredients Europe 2022 (Fi Europe) held in Paris, France. Fi Europe has been recognized as the industry’s highest level international exhibition for food and health ingredient providers. CABIO, a provider of high-quality functional ingredients and innovative solutions for customers worldwide, has been participating in the event for many years, with the aim of sharing its research results and innovative solutions with consumers and industry peers worldwide.

CABIO Team at FiE

In the post-pandemic era, consumers have become increasingly concerned about health issues. According to the Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2022 report released by Euromonitor International, in 2021, 67% of consumers worldwide have tried to make a positive impact on the environment through their everyday activities, one third took the initiative to reduce their personal carbon emissions while one quarter participated in carbon offset programs. To respond to the enhanced awareness among consumers around sustainability and the growing consumer demand for sustainable foods, a trend which has expanded significantly over the last five to ten years, Fi Europe exhibited a wide range of innovative sustainable products. As a result, natural or plant-based ingredients are likely to become the hot topics in this industry.

CABIO, based on its globalization strategy and direct-to-consumer (DTC) model, has integrated sustainable development as key part of its daily production and operations by incorporating the concept into its business development roadmap, implementing low carbon, cleaner production and green manufacturing processes, and strictly complying with related environmental laws and regulations. In addition, CABIO has successfully reduced environmental pollution and realized environment protection through the application of an environmentally-friendly bio-fermentation technology which has allowed the company to use resources efficiently, cut production and operational costs, and reduce the use of natural resources.

At Fi Europe, CABIO also showcased an array of new products to global customers. In 2022, CABIO revitalized its Omega-3 fatty acid product line, by expanding the portfolio through the development of several new types of bacteria while launching the organic algae oil DHA in a move to meet growing consumer demand for organic and natural dietary supplements. At the same time, the firm’s newly launched sialic acid, an emerging ingredient which has been approved for use in cosmetics and food, provides consumers with a more convenient and healthy solution for personal care and nutrition as it plays an important role in immune regulation, anti-viral protection as well as oral health and appearance.

Meeting with our clients

During the exhibition, CABIO’s brand new booth featuring the new corporate tagline “Biotechnology Nourishes Life” caught the attention of attendees, leading to engaging and in-depth discussions with customers worldwide. The company plans to continue its commitment to further building out the international operation team and enhancing customer service while continuing the expansion into international markets through active communications with global industry experts.


CABIO Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. (“CABIO” for short), established in September 2004, is a high-tech enterprise underpinned by biotechnology. CABIO has built a complete technology transfer platform of industry chain, incorporating directive breeding of microbial strain, fine regulation of cell, high-efficient separation & purification, preparation, directional transmission, high-throughput detection & analysis, among other technology modules. We provide quality functional ingredients and creative solutions to developers of nutrition and health foods worldwide.

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