Coordination of sero-epidemiological studies across EU/EEA countries


Public health, country knowledge, crisis management
Crisis management and preparedness in health
Luxembourg, 22 April 2020

Health Security Committee
Audio meeting on the outbreak of COVID-19
Summary Report

The HSC discussed ECDC proposal to establish a virtual coordination mechanism for national, regional and local sero-epidemiological studies in EU/EEA.

The aims are to ensure rapid sharing of experiences and results and identify the technical needs in countries for undertaking such studies. Serological studies can provide essential information to support the effective and tailored management of the response, provide information on prior population immunity and help estimate the speed of immunity developing during community outbreaks over time, informing vaccination strategies and programmes.

The HSC discussed ongoing activities in countries on sero-epidemiological studies, with updates from EE and DE. FR highlighted the need for EU level requirement/certification for marketed tests, including rapid tests. The ECDC further informed on activities implemented with national experts on this topic.

Follow up:

  • The Commission asked countries to comment and agree on the draft Terms of Reference circulated in advance of the meeting, by 23 April 10:00, in order to set up a coordination mechanism.