COVID-19 containment measures in air transport


Public health, country knowledge, crisis management
Crisis management and preparedness in health
Luxembourg, 22 April 2020

Health Security Committee
Audio meeting on the outbreak of COVID-19
Summary Report

The HSC discussed a proposal presented by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for COVID 19 containment measures in air transport and in particular guidelines to be applied at airports.

The proposal includes measures to be implemented at facilities (e.g., spatial distancing, quarantine, triage, disinfections and cleaning of spaces, provision of PPE, etc.), measures for staff (e.g., education, training, health monitoring, social distancing), measures for passengers (e.g., questionnaires, temperature check, designated airport shuttles to transport inbound travellers) as well as measures for airlines, airports and EASA.

The proposal for guidelines for airports needs to be tested and validated via pilot projects. EASA will prepare guidance material to be made available for operators and national authorities for the other elements of the air transport.

The HSC noted the importance to launch promptly the process to avoid the risks coming from a lack of harmonized approach for the return to services of the airlines, and highlighted that specific questions on public health aspects and effectiveness of measures (e.g., screening) should be addressed in collaboration with ECDC.

EASA confirmed that the guidelines, which are under finalisation will be submitted for review to the Health Security Committee and take into account the results from the pilot projects.

Follow up:

  • The HSC was asked to revert to the Commission with comments on the EASA proposal by 24 April 14:00.