Envisage Group creates medical ventilator concept in response to Covid-19 crisis

Innovative portable ventilator uses standard off-the-shelf medical components, already approved for medical use

Prototype manufactured, calibrated, tested at Envisage Group in Coventry and successfully reviewed by ICU consultant
Utilises Envisage Group’s electro-mechanical capabilities, more normally applied to automotive & transportation engineering concept development

Ventilator designed to meet the needs of the NHS in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic

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Envisage Group, the UK’s leading engineering concept design and realisation company, has independently created an innovative portable ventilator concept using off-the-shelf medical components.

Answering the UK government’s call to assist in the production of more ventilators to support the urgent needs of the NHS during the Covid-19 crisis, Envisage Group has applied its electro-mechanical capabilities to the project, which are more normally used to support new product development for a host of industries, including transportation.

Developing the concept from scratch in a matter of weeks, Envisage Group’s prototype ventilator uses components already approved for medical use combined with some in-house fabricated parts. Crucial assistance has also come from a team of specialist advisors at top-20 UK management consultancy, Vendigital, along with healthcare regulatory specialists, Woodley BioReg, who have supported Envisage Group with medical device expertise in regulatory approval and supply-chain management, while the ventilator concept itself has been calibrated and tested on a CPR training manikin and successfully reviewed by an ICU Consultant.

Tim Strafford, Envisage Group CEO, said: “We wanted to rapidly answer the government’s call to arms to help with ventilator production and urgently deliver new products to the NHS. Our electro-mechanical capabilities are more normally applied to automotive and transportation engineering concept development, but they have been invaluable in designing and manufacturing this ventilator concept.

“Using both readily available commercially-off-the-shelf components as well as some fabricated in-house parts, this new product is suited to high volume production at a low cost. While it meets the requirements that the UK government has called for, the device is also relevant for other regions, particularly where cost can be a barrier and manufacturing capabilities are limited.”

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