KIA Motors Slovakia donates over €375,000 to help combat the spread of Covid-19

Donation to help Slovakian government limit the spread of COVID-19 and treat patients with medical machinery and equipment

€200,000 donation from Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation funds provision of ventilators for hospitals in Slovakia

More than €140,000 to support University Hospital in Martin with new equipment

€35,000 donated to Slovak Red Cross and other local organisations to fund medical and safety equipment, including 10,500 facemasks for elderly residents in Žilina

Kia Motors Slovakia, one of the largest employers in the country’s Žilina region, has made a €200,000 donation to the government of the Slovak Republic to fund the purchase of much-needed breathing ventilators and to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

The donations will help the government buy healthcare machinery to help patients recovering from COVID-19, as well as PPE (personal protective equipment) for frontline medical staff and elderly residents in the Žilina region.

In addition, the Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation has purchased compact mobile anaesthesiology equipment and breathing ventilators worth more than €140,000 for the University Hospital in Martin.

This week the hospital in Žilina started distributing 10,500 face masks to better protect 3,500 patients and workers in 26 facilities across the region. Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation is also donating more than €35,000 to the Slovak Red Cross and other local community organisations to fund the purchase of medical tents, face masks and other PPE.

Kia Motors Slovakia will continue to cooperate with the government and local authorities to support preventative measures and impede the spread of COVID-19 in Slovakia.

Stephen Kitson- photo KIA Slovakia