Spain Coronavirus – Which region can enter phase 1?


What means passing from actual phase 0 to phase 1 on Monday ? – At least 14 days in phase 1

The areas that have advanced will have to be, with extraordinary exceptions, 14 days in the new phase. This is the time needed to find out if the relaxation of the measures has led to an increase in cases or resurgence. “If things progressed magnificently, we could consider it, but prudence will prevail,” said Minister Salvador Illa on Friday. Those who remain at 0 will be able to apply again as soon as they meet the requirements. The ministerial order establishes a deadline of one week to respond to these requests.

In the new phase, separate schedules for physical activity will continue to apply, although communities will be able to adapt them to their own characteristics. Some requested changes so that children would not have to go out during the hottest times. But citizens will be able to meet at any time to go to friends’ or relatives’ homes, or to meet on terraces or in the open air. The possibility of control is now practically impossible, as Illa has recognized: “There is an infinite casuistry and we must appeal to individual responsibility. All prudence is lacking in complex, unprecedented decisions, which require more than ever social discipline”.

Source translated with 8.5.2020 23.33h