Spain region change of phase 1-6-2020

These are the main requests of the communities for a change of phase in view of Monday 1st June:

photo Maggy Parries
Andalusia: The Board requested that Malaga and Granada move to phase 2 next Monday. The rest of the region is already in it.

Balearic Islands: the Government requested the change to phase 3 for the whole region, although only Formentera has been in it since Monday 18th.

Canary Islands: the region has requested the move to phase 3 for the islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Graciosa. Both will be in phase 2 on Sunday.

Castilla-La Mancha: The regional executive has requested the advancement to phase 2 for Ciudad Real, Albacete and Toledo, where Guadalajara and Cuenca are already in since Monday 18.

Castilla y León: the regional government requested only the move to phase 2 for the area.

Catalonia: the Government requested the move to phase 2 for the health regions of Girona, central Catalonia, the Garraf area and Alt Penedès.

Galicia: The Xunta will not ask for the pass to phase 3 until June 8, but requested for next Monday the full mobility between the four Galician provinces.

The whole Valencian Community will advance to phase 2 of the de-climbing next Monday. Government sources have told EL PAÍS that the entire community will move to phase 2 next Monday, June 1, as requested by the regional government.