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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa: EU mobilises almost €100 million to support the most vulnerable in the Horn of Africa

The European Union is mobilising €97.2 million of additional funding for programmes in the Horn of Africa to support the creation of job opportunities, public finance management, and access to education for vulnerable groups, in particular refugees and displaced persons, under the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF). Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta […]

Merck: International Survey Reveals A Lack Of Knowledge About The Impact of Thyroid Disorders On Fertility

Results of the survey, initiated by Merck and conducted by YouGov, indicate a need to better educate people on the implications of undiagnosed thyroid disorders on fertility and the health of mother and baby The survey included over 7,000 people across 6 countries (Chile, China, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico and Saudi Arabia) Survey results coincide with […]

Coronavirus global response: EU provides humanitarian support in Horn of Africa region

The Commission is providing an additional €105.5 million to countries in the Horn of Africa as the coronavirus pandemic risks worsening the humanitarian situation across the region where many continue to suffer from armed conflict, displacement, and recurrent droughts and floods. Furthermore, a large-scale infestation of locusts threatens food security and livelihoods of many vulnerable […]

Heroic Humanitarian Efforts During COVID-19 Pandemic Supported by Ford in South Africa

• Ford loans nine vehicles to humanitarian organisations to assist with coronavirus containment measures and community healthcare support across South Africa • Gift of the Givers, Laudium Disaster Management and South African Red Cross Society using Ford Rangers and Everests to assist communities in Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth The COVID-19 pandemic is […]