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Investment Plan in Spain: European Investment Bank and Banco Sabadell join forces to provide €576 million in loans to small businesses

The European Investment Bank is providing Spanish bank Banco Sabadell with a €96 million guarantee, allowing it to lend €576 million to SMEs and mid-cap companies in Spain. This financing agreement will benefit around 1,400 companies, which employ some 79,000 people. In addition, part of the loans must go to ‘green’ projects such as energy […]

Investment Plan for Europe supports €50 million financing agreement with Pluristem to develop coronavirus therapies

Today, the European Investment Bank signed a €50 million financing agreement with Israeli regenerative medicine company Pluristem – through its German subsidiary Pluristem GmbH – to help the company to advance the clinical development of its cell therapies and address a number of severe medical conditions. I n particular, it has recently treated several patients […]

UNCTAD – Ten-point plan to bolster global transport, ease trade during COVID-19

DOWNLOAD in PDF here COVID-19: A 10-POINT ACTION PLAN TO STRENGTHEN INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND TRANSPORT FACILITATION IN TIMES OF PANDEMIC The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic is substantially impacting people’s lives and livelihoods and putting extreme stress on socioeconomic systems. International collaboration, coordination and solidarity among all is going to be key to overcoming this […]

EU summit: Solidarity Pact needed to exit virus crisis

At this week’s video-summit, EU leaders should agree on a European Solidarity Pact for stronger action on a lockdown exit strategy and strong recovery that gets Europeans back to work. Esteban González Pons, EPP Group Vice Chair, says the European Council should agree on a common exit strategy from the lockdown, with solidarity. He says […]

Coronavirus: President von der Leyen outlines EU budget as Marshall Plan for Europe’s recovery

Today, President Ursula von der Leyen gave a speech at the European Parliament plenary session on the EU’s coordinated action to fight the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences. The President honoured the memory of the tens of thousands of Europeans who have lost their lives. Their stories are strengthening our determination to do everything in […]