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Coronavirus: Using European supercomputing, EU-funded research project announces promising results for potential treatment

EU-funded consortium Exscalate4CoV has announced that an already registered generic drug used to treat osteoporosis, Raloxifene, could be an effective treatment for COVID-19 patients with mildly symptomatic infection. The consortium is using an EU-backed supercomputing platform, one of the world’s most powerful, to check the potential impact of known molecules against the genomic structure of […]

BASF supports search for active ingredients to combat coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

BASF provides research groups free access to substances from its compound library comprising several million entries Supercomputer Quriosity identifies and optimizes promising molecules for public research project As part of its “Helping Hands” initiative, BASF is not just donating disinfectant and protective face masks. The company is also providing support worldwide to academic research groups […]