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Questions about Using Thermal Imaging Systems during COVID-19

Q: Are thermal imaging systems effective for screening people for fevers in places like nursing homes, airports, and hospital emergency rooms? A: When using a thermal imaging system, it is important to assess whether the system will provide the intended results in high throughput areas. We understand that these devices are being used for initial […]

Thermal Imaging Systems and COVID-19

When used correctly, thermal imaging systems generally have been shown to accurately measure someone‚Äôs surface skin temperature without being physically close to the person being evaluated. Thermal imaging systems offer certain benefits in that other methods need a closer proximity or contact to measure temperature (for example, non-contact infrared thermometers or oral thermometers). Temperature-based screening, […]

Pepe Oriola collaborates in the fight against COVID-19

The Spanish company develops a thermal camera that controls body temperature, to reduce the risk of contagion. The touring car driver becomes Worldwide ambassador of the start-up Byfever The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has shaken the world of sports, but it has also become a good opportunity for development and technological-health research. Several initiatives have […]