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UN seeks to build transport and trade resilience in wake of COVID-19

UNCTAD and the five UN regional commissions join forces to help developing countries tackle trade and transport challenges from the coronavirus pandemic. A new joint UN project is seeking to help governments and businesses keep transport networks and borders operational and facilitate the flow of goods and services, while containing the spread of the coronavirus. […]

Export restrictions: Fighting COVID-19 with hands tied

COVID-19 is a harsh test not only to the world’s healthcare systems, but also to our trading relationships. We are at a point where the world has already lost hundreds of thousands of lives, and stands to lose many more, while countries are facing difficult decisions as they seek to flatten this pandemic’s curve. However, […]

UNCTAD – Ten-point plan to bolster global transport, ease trade during COVID-19

DOWNLOAD in PDF here COVID-19: A 10-POINT ACTION PLAN TO STRENGTHEN INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND TRANSPORT FACILITATION IN TIMES OF PANDEMIC The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic is substantially impacting people’s lives and livelihoods and putting extreme stress on socioeconomic systems. International collaboration, coordination and solidarity among all is going to be key to overcoming this […]

Coronavirus deals severe blow to services sectors

Personal services sectors such as tourism, hospitality and retail at a standstill due to drastic measures taken in the fight against COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a heavier blow to personal services sectors compared with other recent economic crises, an UNCTAD analysis shows. The pandemic has massively disrupted key services sectors, especially tourism, hospitality […]

COVID-19: Firmer action needed to better protect consumers

Authorities need to do more to monitor and act on unfair business practices and criminal activities exploiting fears over the coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has opened the floodgates of unfair, misleading and abusive business practices, hitting consumers hard and leaving the most vulnerable ones more disadvantaged. Cases of price gouging for essential hygiene consumer […]

UNCTAD – Defending competition in the markets during COVID-19

UNCTAD urges competition authorities to use all their tools to combat the adverse consequences of COVID-19 in the markets. Under normal circumstances competition is needed in markets to keep prices low, but with the COVID-19 crisis wreaking havoc on markets the world over, collaboration has taken precedence. The pandemic’s sweeping economic impact has left governments […]

UNCTAD – Impact of the Coronavirus Outbreak on Global FDI

HIGHLIGHTS • The outbreak and spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) will negatively affect global foreign direct investment (FDI) flows. With scenarios of the spread of the epidemic ranging from short-term stabilization to continuation throughout the year, the downward pressure on FDI will be -5% to -15% (compared to previous forecasts projecting marginal growth in the FDI […]