Vaccine development for COVID-19


Public health, country knowledge, crisis management
Crisis management and preparedness in health
Luxembourg, 22 April 2020

Health Security Committee
Audio meeting on the outbreak of COVID-19
Summary Report

The HSC received background information on vaccine development and EU activities. The WHO blueprint list of COVID-19 vaccines in development includes three candidates in clinical and 67 candidates in preclinical evaluation.

Of the 67 in preclinical evaluation, three are receiving support from European Commission Horizon 2020 funding, and Member States are also investing into several candidates. The European Commission is working with the European Medicines Agency to accelerate the regulatory pathway for a COVID-19 vaccine.

The HSC exchanged information on questions on vaccine development possible needs for an EU vaccine strategy. DE and the UK informed about ongoing activates, including research and clinical trials with candidate vaccines.

Follow up:

  • The HSC agreed on the need for further coordination in the HSC regarding vaccine production, distribution, stockpiling as well as common understanding on risk groups and immunization strategy.
  • The HSC will further discuss the topic of vaccine development.