Check of covid passport in the Valencia Region’s establishments

The covid passport will be compulsory to enter bars, restaurants and entertainment venues in the Valencian Community.

The Regional Ministry of Health has decided to make the covid passport compulsory to enter restaurants, bars, leisure venues, festivals, hospitals and residences in the Valencia Region. It will only be for inside the establishments (as long as they have a capacity of 50 or more diners) and not for outside, as consumption on terraces will be allowed without a covid certificate.

Nor will the covid passport be required in hotels, shops and other leisure activities such as cinemas or theatres, as in principle these are places where capacity restrictions already exist and are very controlled. However, the covid certificate will be required in establishments where there is a bar service, such as casinos or bingo halls, where it is possible to drink.

It will also be essential for access to hospitals and residences in the Valencia Region. The aim, as explained yesterday by the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, is to halt the advance of the incidence of the coronavirus in the Comunitat Valenciana and create “safe spaces” for vaccinated people, while insisting on the need to be vaccinated to avoid contagion, as people with the vaccine are less likely to acquire the infection and, of course, to end up in hospital.

How the covid passport will be controlled

Following the announcement by the Regional Ministry of Health, which is now pending the approval of the High Court of Justice of the Valencia Region, the big question is: how will access with the covid passport to restaurants, bars and other establishments in the Valencia Region be controlled, in which the use of this document will become compulsory?

The control of access to these establishments by people vaccinated against the coronavirus will be carried out by means of a mobile application that the Regional Ministry of Health is preparing and which will be directly connected to the Administration.

In this way, the authorities will know in a simple and effective way whether the people who show the covid certificate are really vaccinated or not, since their passport must coincide with the records that the Health Department has on vaccination.

The covid certificate will be compulsory to enter bars, restaurants and entertainment venues in the Comunitat Valenciana.

When presenting the covid passport it will also be essential to bring the DNI or any other documentation that accredits the identity of the person showing their vaccination certificate. Ideally, you should always carry both: the DNI and the covid passport. If you don’t know how to have it always at hand on your mobile phone, here we explain it to you.

Source photo MaP Translated DeepL.