Coronavirus Spain stats 18 April 2020


At this point in the covid-19 epidemic, after more than a month of confinement, stagnation seems like bad news. And the data have not shown any signs of improvement for a week, although it should be noted that these days the government is making an adjustment to homogenize the data that may offer a distorted picture. However, the figures show that there are 565 new deaths this Saturday, slightly less than the previous day, but in a stable trend that has lasted since 11 April. Since the health crisis began, 20,043 people have officially died of coronavirus in Spain.

The positive figures since the beginning of the health crisis total 192,920, that is, 4,499 more than on Friday. This represents a lower growth than the previous day (5,252), but is still higher than the figures for Easter Week, probably influenced by the delay in bureaucratic tasks on public holidays.