Pepe Oriola collaborates in the fight against COVID-19

The Spanish company develops a thermal camera that controls body temperature, to reduce the risk of contagion.

The touring car driver becomes Worldwide ambassador of the start-up Byfever

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has shaken the world of sports, but it has also become a good opportunity for development and technological-health research. Several initiatives have emerged, not only to find a vaccine against the virus, but also to develop applications that reduce the risk of contagion when this epidemic is overcome.

Pepe Oriola, a Spanish driver in the world of touring cars, has taken advantage of this forced stoppage in competitions to contribute to the fight against the Coronavirus, leading an initiative promoted by a start-up with 100% Spanish capital: Byfever. Oriola becomes a world ambassador for a company that has developed a thermal camera that, through Artificial Intelligence can remotely control people’s body temperatures.

“One of the most obvious symptoms of those who have suffered, suffer and will suffer from this disease, as reported by the World Health Organization, is fever. Thanks to these thermal cameras they can be detected in real time to people who, quite possibly, may be infected and act immediately to minimize the risks of transmission of the virus in public spaces. These cameras are adapted to the needs of hospitals, shopping malls, concert halls, sports shows or public transport vehicles and are specially designed for when we overcome this invisible enemy”, says Pepe Oriola.

Byfever incorporates the latest technological advances in the field of AI and algorithmic precision, to detect the hot zones of the human body, between 35º and 40º with high precision, and a margin of error of 0.3º at about 3 meters distance , without representing any danger to citizens. With this, you can set an alarm and establish a prevention protocol.

“Thanks to my experience in China, where I have raced in several competitions in the last years, I know first-hand the social changes that are taking place there. Currently, these type of thermal cameras are still an obligation in China, especially in areas where there may be greater exposure of people.

It is not only a rule in airports, within entry controls, but it is also being implemented in commercial establishments and even in work environments. The risk that this pandemic will awaken again or future ones that may come as a consequence of globalization, leads us to become more aware of what our life will be like in the short term, so for now the most sensible thing is to stay at home” concludes Pepe Oriola, who trusts that society will regain normality as soon as possible.

About Byfever

Byfever is a technological start-up, based in Barcelona, that develops thermal cameras for the control and detection of body temperature during human transit. A solution to control the crossing of COVID-19 infections in public spaces and areas of high concentration. The company’s objective is to contribute to the fight against this pandemic and to develop a device in our country that is being implemented in countries like China.