Spain – orders in vaccines

Spain, through the European Union, has signed contracts with seven companies, seven different vaccines, totalling 140 million doses, which would allow 80 million people to be immunised (most of them requiring double shots).

The authorisation of the Moderna vaccine, which has already been approved in the United States, is expected on Epiphany.

And, still without a date, but imminent, that of Oxford-AstraZeneca. According to María Jesús Lamas, director of the Spanish Medicines Agency, the strategy consists of having more commitments than necessary (Spain has 46.5 million inhabitants) so that, as they are all in the trial phase (even the Pfizer trial continues after approval), we have enough in case any of them fail along the way.

In addition, as there is an advance payment, production is stimulated so that there will be enough for developing countries.

Those left over in Spain will go there with different cooperation agreements.

source: ElPais 26.12.2020 translated Deepl photo MaP (