Spain – The vaccination schedule: when will we be vaccinated?

The vaccination strategy will pick up pace in the coming weeks, with a gradual and steady increase towards the end of the summer.

The vaccination schedule in Spain seems to be somewhat clearer. Following the appearance of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, this morning from La Moncloa at the end of the Council of Ministers, there are those who already assume the real rhythms that will lead Spain to leave behind the coronavirus pandemic.

The president has pledged to have 70% of the Spanish population vaccinated against the coronavirus “by the end of August”, which would mark the start of the country’s economic recovery and health security.

During the hearing, Sánchez reported that Spain will receive almost 90 million doses of vaccine between this April and next September. In this way, “by the end of August” it will be possible, according to the government’s calculations, for “70% of adults to be immunised thanks to the vaccine by the end of August”.

In this line, the vaccination strategy will accelerate the pace in the coming weeks and will continue to increase gradually and steadily towards the end of the summer. In addition to the doses already received in Spain from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, vaccines from Janssen and CureVac will be added when the vaccine is licensed for use.

In the first week of May, the government expects five million Spaniards to be vaccinated. The figure will double in just one month, so that by the beginning of June, 10 million people should have been vaccinated. In the first 20 days of June, a further 5 million will have been vaccinated, to which another 10 million will be added in the following month. According to these calculations, by the end of August, 33 million Spaniards will be immunised against the coronavirus, which would mean that 70% of the population would be vaccinated against the coronavirus before the end of the summer period.
Government vaccination schedule

Week 12 to 18 April: more people vaccinated than those reporting Covid infection
Week 3 to 9 May: 5 million vaccinated on full schedule
Week 1 to 6 June: 10 million Spaniards fully vaccinated
Week 14 to 20 June: 15 million people vaccinated
Week of 19 to 25 July: 25 million people vaccinated
End of August: 33 million Spaniards vaccinated (70% of the population)