Trans Am Series Partner Prefix on the Frontlines to Fight COVID-19

Whether it is an extra close reading of a rulebook to find an advantage, or just looking for the fastest way through a corner, racers are notoriously solution-oriented.

So it is not too surprising that the Prefix Corporation, which has partnered with the Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli to offer a cost effective engine package, has allocated both talent and resources toward providing critical support during the COVID-19 pandemic to help be a part of the solution.

Based in Michigan, the same company that provides the TA2® Choice engine package is well along in its efforts to produce and provide healthcare professionals the supplies they desperately need. Last month, the company re-tooled and purchased over 6,000 pounds of required materials to engineer a design for protective face shields. The shields are now being used by Michigan first responders and healthcare professionals.

“In our business, concept vehicles, prototypes, film projects, and of course, race engines, we often work on incredibly innovative projects and terribly unrealistic deadlines,” said Prefix Vice President of Business Development Jhan Dolphin.

“When we were forced to deal with COVID-19, I wasn’t very surprised when members of our team said ‘I’m NOT going home! What can we do to help?”

“We’ve taken orders for over 60,000 face shields and have fulfilled most of those orders already,” said Dolphin. “We figure the team will keep going as long as there is a need and we can get the needed materials. Most of the shields are being sent to first responders and the medical community. People have been so appreciate of the work we are doing and getting them something they need so desperately.”

The process to make a heavy-duty, reusable face shield requires engineering, tooling, stamping, water-jet cutting and assembly, all of which are capabilities that can be found under one roof at Prefix.

“The first responders we initially spoke with asked for something durable enough to be used for a longer period of time.” explained Prefix Founder, Kim Zeile. “So, we engineered a model that is heavier duty, and longer lasting. Our team is proud of what we were able to design in such a short time. Never in my 40 years of operating Prefix would I have believed that we would be involved in such an uncertain world. I am just happy to respond with something that helps our community, and helps our employees to realize what a difference we can make, regardless of the challenge.”

Prefix will continue to produce the shields for as long as the community needs them during such a crucial period of extraordinary need.

“We just received another order for 25,000 more shields for Homeland security,” said Zeile. “We are shut down by state order, but we are manufacturing face shields by the thousands to help the people in the frontline of this virus stay safe. During times like these, we must all ask ourselves, how we can assist our community, help our neighbors, and make a positive difference for others. We will continue to manufacture the face masks as along as there is a need and we can obtain the supplies.”

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